Sunday Scribblings – The Price of Takeaway

Home-cooked and healthy Spicy bean pasta.

I tend to eat a healthy diet. I am vegetarian, so getting my five-a-day is easy. Not everyone in my household is vegetarian, though. My daughter eats various foods, while my wife will eat chicken and fish but no red meat. We prefer to eat home-cooked meals, too.

Several weeks ago, however, my daughter said she would like something to eat from the fish and chip shop. It must be four or five years since we had food from the chippy, and we all agreed it would be a great idea.

We walked the short distance to the chip shop. When we got there, my wife ordered a fish supper, my daughter ordered a chicken fillet burger and chips, and I ordered a large chip and a small portion of onion rings. When our food was ready, the girl behind the counter handed me a large brown paper bag with our food inside and told me the price of our meals. I handed over the cash, and instead of going home, we went to the local park. It was a beautiful sunny evening, perfect for eating outdoors. Chips always taste better eaten out of the paper anyway. And I have to say, we all thoroughly enjoyed the salty, deep-fried potatoes.

A few days later, I was putting washing in the machine. As I checked my pockets for loose coins and the like, I found,  scrunched into a tiny ball, the receipt from the chip shop. I never gave the cost of our meal much thought. I just handed over the cash and went my merry way. But when I unrolled the ball and read the receipt, I was a little surprised by the price.  £23.05 seemed a bit expensive to me; my wife’s fish supper alone was £8.50. The last time we had food from the chippy, I recall it being much cheaper. Such is life. Prices go up but never come down.

The cost of our dinner got me thinking, though.

Most of our neighbours get food delivered at least once a week. So, I decided to do a little investigation. I got all the menus that are regularly shoved menus through the letterbox and calculated that the average price of a ‘takeaway’ meal per person is £8.00. For a family of four, that comes to £32, and that does not include the cost of delivery. That means that over a year, having food delivered once a week will cost £1664.

Imagine what else that amount of money could do. A good holiday would be one option.

Then there are the health implications to consider. Takeaway food is loaded with fat and salt, both known to have a detrimental effect on health. Eating takeaway food/fast food has been linked to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancer and depression.

The pace of modern life is so hectic that having food delivered is a convenient option for many people. Personally, I would rather cook and wash the dishes than pay someone a small fortune for the pleasure of hardening my arteries. 


  1. I’ve just enjoyed a Turkish Takeaway delivery, it was nice but also expensive. My husband likes me to have a day off cooking but I think he prefers the unhealthy takeaways to my cooking.🤣


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