A Review of My Week – What a Shambles

A local stretch of coast. A pleasant spot to spend a few hours relaxing, or searching for crabs in the many rock pools.

I thought it would be good to occasionally review my productivity to see how and where I could save time or use it better. Before the pandemic, I had a good routine, and my creativity flourished.  But all that went to pot with the lockdowns and homeschooling etc. This week, for example, has been a total disaster creatively, not one word written, one drawing completed or one photo taken. I set out each day with the best intentions, but no matter how hard I tried, life was unwilling to cooperate.

On Sunday, the excellent weather provided the perfect opportunity to spend some time at a local stretch of coast. Sundays have always been lazy ‘family’ days for us, so I had no worries about being creatively unproductive.

On Monday, the bank holiday, my wife and daughter went shopping, so I thought it would be the perfect time to get into the habit of writing again. I sat down at my keyboard, eager to get started. But when I looked out of the window, I noticed the overgrown trees at the rear of the garden. (One of those jobs I kept meaning to do.)  I tried to get some words on ‘paper,’ but I kept glancing at the unkempt trees and could not focus on writing. In the end, I gave up and set about pruning the trees instead. I was disappointed and frustrated about my lack of creativity, but at least I have a tidy garden.

On Tuesday, my daughter woke up with extreme pain in her back and spine. I could tell by her facial expression and her body posture that she was in agony. ‘No point in phoning the doctor,’ I thought, ‘he’ll only tell us to go to the hospital to get her back x-rayed.’ So, we cut out the middleman and took her straight to casualty. Due to the safety measures in place at the hospital, we had to hang around for hours. When she finally got to see a doctor, he assured her the pain was muscular and was probably caused by too much skateboarding the previous evening. It was a relief to hear it was not a severe injury, but it was another day I could have spent more productively.  

Wednesday and Thursday, frustratingly, passed in a blur of food shopping and several trips to the bank.  I hate days like that, days that seem to vanish into the great void where nothing fruitful is achieved.

That brings me to today, Friday. My wife is cutting the grass, and my daughter is in bed, off school, with her sore back. The pain is easing, though, and she is looking forward to getting back on Monday. I am writing this blog post, which makes today the most productive day of my week. This week has been a wearisome shambles. I sincerely hope that next week will be a significant improvement.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself!
    Take it easy and you did something. Your will wanted to cut the trees that were much more important. Nature is also creativity or the great photo of the beach with the algae. Why just laze around on Sunday and let your mind wander. You also wrote, made visible what you have managed to take care of your daughter over the days.
    Take your time and it will come …


    • Thank you, Elke. I do put a bit of pressure on myself. I know I should relax more, and before the pandemic I had a routine that worked for me. I’ll have to get back to that routine.


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