Sunday Scribblings – Where I Write

A blossom from one of my apple trees.

My writing desk doubles up as my art station and is tucked neatly into one corner of the bedroom. On it sits my computer monitor, my keyboard and a desk-tidy, which is home to a dictionary, a thesaurus and a guide on grammar and punctuation. When I am writing, I hang a ‘do not disturb sign on the bedroom door. I need peace to write, and I am glad to say that, for the best part, my wife and daughter adhere to the sign.

The bedroom overlooks the back garden, and when I am seated at my desk, I can look out of the window and view the greenhouse, the apple trees, my crop of potatoes (when in season), the birdfeeders and a small patch of grass that, for want of a better word, we call the lawn.

This time of year, the bird feeders need to be topped up with fresh peanuts almost daily. The feeders have some regular customers, a pair of blue tits and a robin that roost in the trees marking the boundary of our property, but during the spring/summer month’s starlings and blackbirds come looking for a quick meal. It is a joy to watch their comings and goings as they compete for food.  

When we moved here, the bedroom was decorated with sickly, yellow patterned wallpaper while thick yellowy curtains, complete with matching pelmet, dressed the window and blocked out most of the light. It was dark and dingy, and my wife and I both hated it, but it is surprising how quickly things can be turned around.

Within a few weeks of arriving, we removed the ghastly wallpaper and the curtains and decorated the room with crisp, clean white wallpaper and matching, tastefully patterned curtains. The room is now light and airy and is a pleasure to be in, whether writing, drawing, relaxing for a few hours or retiring at night.

Neither my wife nor myself like clutter, so ornaments are kept to a minimum, but on one wall, framed and taking pride of place, is the first piece of writing I had published. On days when the words just will not come, it reminds me that I can do this crazy thing called writing.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a room of my own where I can write. We do have a spare room, but it is presently home to all the stuff we have not got round to unpacking when we moved. With the lockdowns and homeschooling, we are way behind with our plans. But someday, that room will become my workspace. Until then, I will have to make do with my corner in the bedroom.    


  1. It reads very well, even if some things will still change. A beautiful bedroom with a wonderful view of nature is something calming and the soul can dangle and the thoughts come and go. Creating peace in a corner for yourself is the beginning.
    I wish you a good work there!
    I hope google translates well because I can hardly speak English.
    Greeting Elke


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