My week in a collage.

It is Friday again; another week has passed and what a week it has been. Last Friday, we basked in glorious sunshine. It was so pleasant we lit up the barbeque, and after stuffing our faces, we went for a stroll in the local woods. Monday brought a complete change, freezing temperatures and a good covering of snow. Tuesday and Wednesday offered heavy rain and strong winds. We literally had all four seasons in seven days.

Anyway, I managed to be a little more productive this week. I started a number projects, including several mandalas, pattern drawings and few small abstract watercolour paintings. 

So, for Paint Party Friday this week, I decided to put together a small collection of images representing the last seven weeks. Click the images to open a gallery.

Stay Safe, everyone.


  1. yes, you hade about all seasons this week. Pretty much what I had in Sweden too. We call it “April weather”.
    Love your watercolor and mandala. And the paths are nice in both seasons. But, now we want spring. Right?


    • Thank you, and apologies for the late reply. Unforeseen circumstances prevented me from being here. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of the snow, too.


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