Meanwhile, Down in the Greenhouse

When I started this blog, I intended to write and publish a new post once or twice a week. Considering we are in lockdown, I thought that would be a relatively easy obligation to fulfil. Well, I got that wrong. Homeschooling takes up most of every day and leaves very little time for anything other than the usual daily chores.

The arrival of spring has seen me spending more time in the garden, too. I am not complaining about that, though, and deem myself fortunate to have a little ‘green space’ where I can spend a few hours pottering about and relaxing. I had a lot to do in the garden these past few weeks. I pruned the apple trees, repaired the fence, and planted various seeds in trays, which I placed in the greenhouse. When the weather gets warmer, I’ll plant the seedlings outdoors, which will clear space in the greenhouse for some tomato and cucumber plants.

Also, I ordered some 10-gallon sacks, which I filled with soil and compost and planted a Rooster potato in each one. Planting potatoes in the sacks means I do not have to fence off part of the garden to keep the dog out. I grew potatoes in large pots several years ago and enjoyed a super crop, so I am hoping the sacks will be a success, too.

This morning, I noticed the first of the radishes had popped up. It is a few years since I grew radishes, but I am looking forward to eating them in a salad in the months ahead.

The first of this year’s crop.

With all that, I have not had much time for anything else. But I did manage to steal a couple of hours, and I came up with this blue mandala. I used Micron archival ink pens and Canson Bristol paper for this one. I enjoy using the Microns, and the Bristol paper is exceptionally smooth, making drawing a pleasure.

Well, that’s it for now. Stay Safe, everyone.

This post is linked to Paint Party Friday.


  1. Oh what a stunning mandala. Love the shades of blue. I have just planted my potatoes as well. Love when they come up. Something incredibly special about growing your own veg. Happy PPf, Hazel(Didos) x


  2. I too am in the garden. I have a greenhouse this year and am loving it. I have 5 buckets of potatoes that are doing great! Check my post later today to see what I have going on. Love the mandala.


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