Not the Green Door

Is anyone else old enough to remember Shakin’ Stevens’s rendition of ‘Green door?’ I am more into rock music than the kind of thing Shaky is likely to sing. However, ‘Green Door’ is one of those songs that was played regularly on the radio and in discos during my teenage years, which could be why I remember it so clearly.

Anyway, when I was doing this little sketch, I could hear Shaky belting out his version of the tune. It was like having him sitting next to me while I was painting. I have no idea why, mind you, as this is clearly not a green door.

Maybe I should get out more.

Anyone who has not heard the tune mentioned can listen to it here.

This post is linked to Paint Party Friday.


  1. Now I will not be able to shake that turn out of my head today hee hee!! Great watercolour, i’m glad you chose blue over green. Happy PPF Tracey.


  2. I also know Shakin Stevens in my time and your drawing fits, only the color is right is blue.
    This is a beautiful drawing!
    Fresh air is always good, maybe now on the weekend, say hello to Elke


  3. Hello John! Oh my, I love your blue door and all the lines make it gorgeously authentic! Oh, the 80’s, lol, I listened to the song and it’s fab! Being American, I had never heard it before. Made me remember that 50’s Elvis resurgence back then. Happy PPF! xoxo


    • Thank you. Yes, the 80’s were so much different than nowadays. There were many different musical styles and various youth cultures. The music scene was much better than today.

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      • John, I am 65 years old and was a bonafide, card-carrying member of the Beatles USA Fan Club at age 8! And now I listen to Smooth Jazz, haha, go figure! Just had to add, I remembered that over here in the States while Green Door was hot, I was in Texas enjoying The Fabulous Thunderbirds (who this song reminds me of). Stevie Ray Vaughn’s brother Jimmie was in that group, which was how I found them. Stevie Ray forever – he was my entire 80’s! XOX


      • The Beatles are my favourite band. Oddly enough, during the 80’s when all the other kids were listening to bands from that era some friends and myself were listening to 60’s music. Loved the Small Faces etc. I think that’s where my love of rock music stems from. Stay Safe


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