Dream Catcher Mandala


Welcome to my new site, and I hope you enjoy my first post.

It’s a while since I’ve been around the internet. Thinking about it, it’s roughly a year since my last post on my other blog. We moved house the week before the UK entered its first lock down. Settling into a new place is never easy, but the circumstances we found ourselves in made it much more difficult.

Homeschooling did, and still does, take first place in our household, though my daughter is at the age where she doesn’t need too much supervision.  She does, however, require the occasional shove in the right direction. But I’d rather have her at home, where she is safe.

Art had to take a backseat for a while, but I hope I’ll be able to give it more of my time in the coming months. So, here’s my first drawing on my new site. It’s a mandala I decided to add some feathers to so that it has the appearance of a dream catcher. I hope you like it.

Stay safe. Stay Home.

This post is linked to Paint Party Friday.

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    • Hi, Nicole. Thank you. It’s a very new normal at the moment, but we’ve all got to make the best of of it. Looking forward to getting some more ink on paper.


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